Our Story

Because it's French !

Petit Pierre Bakery is a very french family business established in October 2015.

Owned by
Laure & Alex LE BENOIST.


Laure LE BENOIST was born in the city of Belfort in the East of France. She has 20 years of experience in the business and management in Paris. The French "pâtisserie" is her passion. She decided in 2012 to change her career and become a pastry chef. She obtained the French degree pastry diploma. She also has been trained in the best French Pastry School such as Ecole Lenôtre, Bellouet Conseil and Ferrandi.

Alexandre LE BENOIST was born in Normandy in the city of Vernon. He is 15 years of experience in public French Law and management in the Prime minister services. His parents owned a café shop in his early age. In 2013, he obtained the French degree bakery diploma in order to build a bakery business.

Their son Pierre, who was born in Paris in 2008, loves baking and eating his mother pastries !



The vision of the Company.

A challenge, A new life!  Our vision was to make "Petit Pierre Bakery" the perfect place for every gourmet and sweet tooth, a place where customers will be diving in both French and American flavors and cultures, a place where we can share our passion for pastry & coffee in a lovely, friendly and never pretentious atmosphere. This vision has become reality by providing our customers the finest baked goods, a great coffee and giving the best service experience to new and loyal customers, et voilà!


In house and innovation.

Key-words for us are innovation and customization. Innovation: we have developed a unique line of morning pastries available in the neighborhood, macarons and savory items. We introduce new pastries every month and we think that we always have to go beyond the first recipe, create, have fun. Customization: we have developed a line of special events cakes where customers can choose filling and decoration. We can always adapt our products to the needs of the costumers. So unique because you will also get a piece of french accent if you enter the bakery!


This is your Bakery !

Welcome to the Magnolia Village! What can we get your you today ? We are glad that the bakery is highly supported in the community. People love to have their own bakery in the neighborhood and we are proud to be now part of it. That is why we have a loyalty program and we continue to enhance our presence during the events in the village and in the social medias. Positive impacts are every day: in the eyes of a kid looking at the display or in the smile of the costumer who just took the first sip of coffee on the morning.

We wish you to take this piece of our passion with you and creating the best memories
— Laure & Alex